Intercom Systems
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elegant design

Inspired by color and design trends from around the
world, the Selective Call System seamlessly blends
leading edge technology with stunning design. Its
sculptural flow of curves, featuring titanium edging
and a screwless finish, allows homeowners to integrate
home technology with personal style and taste
Aiphone JF Series
ON-Q selective call series
Affordable Color Video System
The JF Series has a color monitor to view
images clearly and with greater detail,
at black and white video prices.
Clear Identification Day & Night
In low light conditions, the video door
station’s built-in white LED illuminators will
activate. Identify visitors even at night.
unmatched personalization

The Selective Call System allows you to choose from 96
room names, such as Nursery or Great Room, and it
includes up to 20 built-in digital door tones. Its easy-to-use
interface ensures complete system personalization at the
touch of a button. It even dynamically sorts the room names,
so the most frequently called location appears at the top
of the list.
Apartment building intercoms
This is an ideal telephone entry and access control system suited for medium to large apartment and gated community applications as well as office buildings and industrial sites. The eight-line LCD display features big 1/2-inch characters for easy viewing and your personalized message appears on the screen when the system is not in use. Unique "One Touch" CALL button makes this system one of the easiest to use on the market today! The built-in electronic directory, easy to use Remote Account Manager programming software, card reader interface and expandability options make this unit an ideal choice for those applications with a large number of system users and entry locations. Additionally, the elevator control module restricts which floors a guest or system users have access to, making it an ideal system for high rise buildings.